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Tania Vázquez García

Equipo de trabajo

Tania Vázquez García has a degree in Modern Languages and Literatures, in the Romanic Philology itinerary, with the Extraordinary Prize mention by Santiago de Compostela University in 2015. She has attended to different courses, lectures and activities related to languages, literature, culture and history of the Middle Ages with which she has completed their academic training and university studies. Her Final Graduate Project, entitled Medieval debate poetry in the romanic medieval lyric, obtained the best mark and the IX Prize of the Linguistic Quality by the Servizo de Normalización Lingüística (Service of Linguistic Standardisation) of the University of Santiago de Compostela in the area of Arts and Humanities. In addition, she was awarded with a cooperation grant of the Education Ministry, Culture and Sport in the Department of Galician Philology (area of Romanic Philology), in order to make closeness to tenson and partimen in the different lyric Romanic traditions. Nowadays, she continues on their research training in the medieval literature area in vernacular languages, paying attention to Occitan trobairitz and female representations in medieval Galician lyric. She gave several lectures in international conferences like: “La Autoría: reflexiones teóricas y análisis de las prácticas” (Universidade de Santiago de Compostela), “Congreso de nuevos investigadores SELGyC” (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid), “Locas: escritoras y personajes femeninos cuestionando las normas” (Universidad de Sevilla), “I Congreso Internacional de Nuevos Investigadores en Estudios Literarios y Culturales (Universidade de Vigo), “Workshop de Estudos Medievais” (Universidade do Porto), “Simposio de Estudios Medievales: retos de la investigación” (Universidad Complutense de Madrid) and “XXVIII CILFR” (La Sapienza, Università di Roma). Some of their projects have been published in prestigious publishers, for example, ArCiBel.

Tania Vázquez García
Equipo de trabajo

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